Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A morning in San Gabriele

With the recent earthquakes in central Italy and the devastation to many towns, I'm so grateful that I take many pictures. You never know when tragedy will strike and how it will affect the place and the people.

The above picture was taken just this past summer while this was taken the summer of 2010: 

Another earthquake had hit central Italy in 2009 and largely impacted the town of L'Aquila. It was awful and many nearby towns were affected as a result as well.

My kids outside the sanctuary. The girls at least look happy.

Ok, all smiles now.

Inside the beautiful church. I love this little church, its painted ceilings, the architecture, the murals. All so beautiful. Next door they had constructed a monstrosity of a new church for the area since weekend and holiday crowds are well into the hundreds. I don't think I've taken many pictures of the other church because it's so unsightly to me, too modern, cold and dark. I much prefer this one.

As do the kids. They love lighting the candles for loved ones.

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