Friday, November 4, 2016

When life hands you chaos, take a walk.

So, just to be fair, life isn't handing me chaos. I am choosing chaos. But with that, I'm also making the choice to let some things go. Sometimes anyway.  The past couple weeks have been nonstop and it's not looking to slow anytime soon. I do it to myself and can own up to that, being a 38 year old adult. The "adult" part is only in writing because of my age, not that I act like an adult all the time.

But my little man has been such a little soldier. Doing what needs to be done with me and not always acting like an almost-three-year-old. One more errand for my volunteer projects and he's allowed to throw a tantrum every once in awhile. I want to throw a tantrum too so imagine this little one. But coming off a very busy weekend, into a much busier week and leading into a traveling weekend - little man needed sometime with just mama. To take a walk. Or a run rather since he doesn't know how to walk. Remember, he's almost 3 and a very active boy. 

After errands in the city, we stopped off at a favorite drive for me, Fairmount Park. SO much to see and seeing how it wasn't terribly cold we stopped off at a monument for a little walk and my! 

He won't always be holding my hand, so I have to enjoy it while I can. 

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