Monday, February 20, 2017

A dose of nature

The girls had a long weekend due to the holiday and I think it's safe to say we all made the most of it. Sometimes I enjoy a good weekend around the house not doing much of anything, which usually involves still doing housework, errands and of course, being a parent. But excess scheduling on the weekends usually means I'm going to start my week tired and not ready for the activities ahead. That was what this weekend sort of was for me, lots going on from start to finish.

Of course, starting the weekend off with Spring-like temperatures in mid-February didn't mean we were going to stay inside either! I took the kids for a morning at one of my favorite spots not too far from home. Some photography, yoga on the green and a nice walk followed by a surprise chocolate treat was a perfect way to begin our long weekend.

We had the place to ourselves which is always ideal for my little explorers and wanderers.

Got to hand it to this group, they love yoga and embrace it with their mama. I tell the girls about a new pose I'd like to work on and they are there asking question and attempting it right alongside me.

My little warriors.

Some poses on the beautiful stone benches.

A favorite photo moment for me is the shadow. I love finding a spot and telling everyone to freeze. Which usually means the girls freeze and my little man is still moving and grooving. Just how he rolls right now. We're working on his "freeze frame."

Most of the time all you need is some fresh air, a dose of nature and you're adventure-lovin sidekicks to remind you all is right in the world.

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