Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'm ok with that.

Some days are just ok for me. I wake up with the best of intentions, have time to myself in silence before the blissful chaos sets in for the day ahead. Naturally, I want my day and the day of my children from sunup to sundown to be filled with smiles, laughter and smooth sailing. I picture them walking around with little smiley face emojis floating around their heads and little hearts dotting their i's in school. Does it always work out like that? Of course not. We are not perfect. I am not perfect. And I am ok with that.

Some mornings begin all too early with sibling squabbles. She said this, she said that, he looked at me, he isn't looking at me. For anyone that's been around kids for more than 5 minutes you probably know what I'm talking about. Even the most compatible of characters sometimes disagree, it's bound to happen. Imagine now 3 little humans with 3 different personalities wanting 3 different things (and sometimes all 3 wanting the same thing too) ALL.AT.THE.SAME.TIME. Makes for a very interesting morning. But this is where I am right now and I am ok with that.

I like to take pictures of the kids when they're doing something funny, being really cute or just cuddling up to me for no reason. I blog about that stuff a lot. But I also take pictures and even videos of them losing it, crying over having to eat their fruit after dinner or laying on the floor kicking their feet because they didn't get to watch another show. We do this because it's great to show them later how they were acting, we talk about the situation and most of the time that conversation ends with smiles. But it's also important for them to know that they're not always going to be happy, smiling and life will lay before them all that they want. They have to work through their emotions, learn to cope with others and that life isn't always perfect. Those are tough lessons for adults to learn, imagine 3 little ones. I give a lot of love to my kids, I try to be positive and encouraging. Sometimes I just have to be real with them. And I'm ok with that.


  1. Lisa,

    Your writings never cease to amaze me! I throughly enjoyed reading your well written
    post. So much, that I was wanting to read another line of "I am ok with that."

    In reading your posts, I was reminded of how important it is to "take in" the simple and also more challenging moments of parenting 3 children.

    I am already looking forward to your next blog entry.

    The pictures of you and your beautiful children are such a wonderful touch too!

    Your friend Lori

    1. I just adore you Lori! Thanks for taking the time to read AND comment. Means a lot to me truly. I know you know this daily drill all too well so I appreciate the love! XOXO


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