Monday, February 13, 2017

Mommy and Me Preschool

I didn't really decide to be a stay-at-home mom until I held Sofia in my arms for the very first time. Up until then I thought for sure I would take my 3 months maternity leave, enjoy my time with my newborn and be ready to go back to work both physically and mentally. I was wrong. I held that tiny little girl, born 2 weeks early via cesarean, and have never regretted taking off from working full time to being a full time stay-at-home mom.

Now onto my third (and last) child and looking ahead to next year this time when he will be enrolled in preschool. I'm trying to make the most of this time while I still have him all to myself. We have days around the house where we sing the ABC's a thousand times, count his cars and blocks in both English and Italian and lay on the couch and read one book after another. We go for walks, we make snacks together in the kitchen, have dance parties and watch his favorite shows. He loves being outside so when weather permits, we do that as much as possible whether it's just our driveway and backyard or somewhere special like the park or zoo.

An unusually warmer February morning took us to the zoo just recently and he was enamored. The time of year allowed for not so crowded exhibits but the warmer temps allowed us to walk in comfort and take in as many animals as his little legs would let us. He asked for no stroller "I want to walk Mama." So walk we did and explore we did and have fun we did.

We walked and as we walked, we talked about the animals and he asked questions. He got excited when he saw the giraffes and he asked why the lions were in a glass cage and sleeping. He did not like the reptile house one bit and from the second we entered, asked me to carry him most of the time indoors. And for as simple as an animal as it is and for as many as we see on a regular basis, he loved the geese. We stopped and had a snack and he asked why the gorilla was looking at him.

His preschool experience looks a little different from other little kids his age but it's what in my heart I feel is right for us. I love the time with just him, as I did love it with both his big sisters. We plan to see friends, we visit the library and have our boring but typical mornings of errands too. He's a happy little boy at home now and I'm certain that while preschool at his sister's big school will be an adjustment, he will be happy there too.

For now his smiles, his looks of awe and wonder, and the things he's learning on OUR preschool days are saved just for me.

And I love that.

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