Thursday, March 16, 2017

a quick (and healthy) snack

It's been a few posts now so thought I would go back to my number 3 little man eating a mandarino. He is thankfully a very good eater in that he will eat a variety of foods, he loves fruit especially which makes this fruit-loving mama very happy. And I feel better about him also enjoying a piece of chocolate or an occasional cookie since he is really an overall great eater. Hopefully this phase sticks around forever. Makes my heart swell when I make sauteed spinach and baked salmon and he's enjoying it too.

A little blurry but I don't care. Those eyes just get me every time.

And those lashes, goodness what women do to get lashes like that and he's got them naturally.

As much as you tell the kids not to play with their food, how adorable are those little fingers stacking and re-stacking little mandarino slices?

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