Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hold on...

Don't blink. It all happened so fast and I tried to hold onto all those precious moments. The first words, the first steps, first giggles and belly-aching laughs. The first day of school, first friends, first (and last) soccer game, first piano and ballet lessons. Embracing her role as a big sister (twice!) and being so very good at it - most of the time.

Becoming more independent with each passing day. Growing into herself, knowing what she likes and doesn't like. Learning to enjoy the surroundings, welcome change and going with the flow.

She's 10. I blinked and it happened. She went from needing me every second, every minute and then... she didn't.

I'm proud of her creativeness, her moodiness, her shyness and bold temperament. I am in awe of how she loves. She is who she is and there is no one else like her.

My nature lover, my girl with a dash of free spirit, a love of reading, hugs and cookies and sprinklings of bravery, humor and appetite for life.

The girl that first called me "mama" turns 10 today. I couldn't hold my breath, it was destined to happen.

Happy Birthday my wonderful girl Sofia Vincenza!

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