Thursday, March 9, 2017

for the love of reading

I'm so proud that right now I can say all three kids love books. They either love reading on their own - the oldest- love reading on their own AND being read to - the middle - or love being read to - the youngest. It's something that has been a part of their lives since I was pregnant with each of them and continues to be a part of their day.

I especially love when the two big ones just go off to read on their own. They grab a book, find a comfy spot in the house and can be there for a good bit of time in their own little world. My little man and I find time to read every morning, before nap, after dinner and before bed. So, naturally, I love it too when I find that he's off on his own playing and I go in to peek on him and he's got a book on his lap and he's "reading" to himself.

Makes this book-lover very proud!

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