Tuesday, May 23, 2017

flower power

For those that tune in regularly to my family blog, you may have noticed a repetition to my blog themes. It used to mostly be just my kids, then my kids and Italy and as of the past few months, nature. Of course my regular muses are not let off the hook and with our upcoming trip to Italy happening pretty soon, I'm sure there will be a lot of more recent Italy pictures showing back up here again. But the nature angle has me hooked and one that I am diving right into happily. 

Several reasons for my current obsession: 

1. The ease at which I can locate and "style" my object. I quite literally almost always have fresh flowers in the house from a recent trip to the market. Plenty of interesting containers help to change up the photo as well as changing the type of flower I purchase for the home. 
2. Right outside my door is a world (no lie) of seasonal flora waiting to be admired by me. Or just a short walk or drive and I'm in an nature lover's environment of trees, plants and flowers as closeby are several parks and even a handful of parks.
3. Unless there is heavy wind, they don't move. While I love documenting anything and everything about my kids, they move. A lot. They have become so used to the camera that I am lucky to catch them plenty and they know the simplest way for me to stop taking a picture is just to stand still a moment and let me get the image I want. But they are still kids. They are busy, you know things to do, places to be. 
4. I want to start practicing more with macro photography and what more interesting subject than a plant or flower?!? All the various colors, textures and angles could make for some really cool photos. 
and finally....
5. I'm sort of just in awe of Mother Nature. Have always appreciated the beauty of everything she has given us and while I do not have a green thumb in the slightest, I love the sense of comfort, relaxation, and bliss it brings to me. 

Stay tuned for more nature photography!

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