Friday, May 5, 2017

let them play

Both Sofia and Olivia have been playing the piano since they were 5. We have such an appreciation for music in the house that I knew when they were of age, I would want to encourage an instrument. I have loved hearing them tinkering away with simple little tunes to recently moving onto more complex pieces. Complex for me but they both really make it seem so simple.

Last year was their first "recital" and what an immense feeling of accomplishment I felt for my girls. Sounds weird that I felt it, but it was beyond being proud of them. They kept up with going to their weekly lessons and practiced at home and thankfully rarely needing to be prodded about it too.

Regardless of whether I'm in the kitchen cooking, in the living room reading or playing on the floor with Mario, once I start hearing them play the piano it makes me smile. I smile at the thought of their little fingers gliding over the keys, their little sounds of frustration when they miss a note and then their excited voices when they successfully completed a piece without error and shout for us "Did you hear it?"

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