Thursday, February 11, 2010

baby girl

Miss Olivia is going to be 9 months old on Monday - when did that happen?!? She's doing all sorts of fun things these days that keeps all of us entertained. Not crawling yet, but she rolls everywhere sometimes doing two rolls at a time to get to a toy or a book. She claps her hands for just about anything any of us do, which is always a nice self-esteem booster. She likes to wave now too. And it looks like we have another talker on our hands because Olivia LOVES to talk. Well, babble anyway. Dada, mamma, naynay, coli coli, wawa, etc. I can not wait for her to start really talking and keeping up with her big sister.

She also loves to eat. Another true Italian. We're still on baby food and I'm still nursing, but incorporating more of our meals just mashed which she's been ok with so far. I'd have to say that a favorite food is definitely sweet potatoes. And avocado. And definitely bananas too. No teeth yet, but she is drooling all over the place and gnawing on anything she can get her little hands on, so it could be tomorrow or next month that we see a tiny tooth pop through her gums. Just wait until she gets some teeth in and she's really going to enjoy eating.

Olivia is just a sweet little baby. I'm sure every parent says that though. I know I said that about Sofia too. But she absolutely is. Loves to smile, has the most contagious giggle and gives the best baby hugs and kisses. And you can just tell how much she adores Sofia and that alone is the sweetest thing ever.

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