Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby says Peekaboo!

When Sofia was a younger, she loved the book 'Baby Says Peekaboo!' She loved the book so much that we actually read one copy of it so many times that the flaps were falling out and no amount of tape was helping. So, we bought her another book and again, after a ton of flipping through back and forth, she went through another copy. Well, after that we decided two was enough and to leave it at that.

Before Olivia was born, I saw the book at Marshall's and decided to get it for baby #2 and see if they would enjoy it. Boy does she ever love the book too!

Sometimes she likes to just lie on her back and flip the pages...

and then sometimes she enjoys just gnawing on the pages as well...

but she ALWAYS loves the baby in the mirror at the end of the book!

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