Tuesday, February 16, 2010

9 months old already?

Yesterday Olivia celebrated her 9 month birthday. We won't have another well-baby visit until her 1st birthday in May but she seems to be growing fine. She loves to eat that's for sure! She's crawling now, not very fast, but she gets where she needs to go. Yesterday she even crawled to the couch where I was seated and tried standing up on her own! What happened to my tiny, little baby?!?

Clapping is a new favorite past-time for Miss Olivia and it's like we have our own cheerleader wherever we go. Great for morale! Some of her favorite things these days are:

bath time - she loves splashing her hands and kicking those little legs
cuddling - especially when she's tired or just having woken up, it's the best!
her mia - Sofia has set quite the example for her little sister
feeding herself - little miss independent tries to grab the spoon from me constantly
Sofia - she will sit and just watch EVERYTHING her big sister is doing

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