Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my little girl

I can't believe that Sofia will be 3 next month. Honestly, it seems like yesterday that we found out we were pregnant and planning for our first baby. Trying to decide whether to paint the room a light green or a lemonade yellow (we opted for the yellow). Registering for lots of fun baby items and trying to make room for it all. Realizing that once the baby has arrived, that they will only use about half that stuff. Watching the baby bypass all the cool toys to grab for a random piece of lint on the ground and be fascinated for hours. Ok, maybe not hours, but keeping a baby occupied for even 20 minutes can feel like an hour or two sometimes.

Now, that first baby is a non-stop whirlwind of talking, jumping, giggling, playing, and loving. Throw in a couple of temper tantrums here and there and the countless times I hear "Why Mommy?" That baby is making decisions on her own - even if it's just what to watch on T.V. or what color lollipop she would like at the bank, she's coming up with it by herself. She's growing and becoming her own little person and it's really is something to witness. Sometimes I forget how little she really still is because of how much she's changed in these almost 3 years. An incredible amount of change in such a short time.

But at the end of the day, no matter at what point she is in her life and what she's experiencing, she will always be my little girl. The same little girl I carried for 8 and a half months. The same little girl that I will love unconditionally and forever.

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