Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yes, it is still snowing

It's been basically 24 hours of continuous snowfall here in the Philadelphia suburbs and that's on top of the almost 2 feet of snow we received this past weekend. When all's said and done at the end of this snowfall, we're right around 4 feet of snow total in just a matter of days.

Now, I realize that to other areas of the country (and world) this may seem like nothing, but it's been a pretty big deal around these parts. Lines at grocery stores were crazy long, everyone raced to the gas station to fill up cars and snow blowers and you probably can't buy a snow shovel in a two-state radius. Or salt for that matter.

Aside from all the uproar it's causing, it is very calming to just sit back and watch it come down. We live in a quiet neighborhood to begin with, but now it's super quiet, almost too much so. But then that silence doesn't last too long. Every once in awhile another neighbor will brave the snow and wind and begin the long process of clearing their cars, their driveways and sidewalk. Children are heard laughing in the background probably building snow forts and shrieking with happiness that there was no school.

Pretty soon the snow will stop falling and everything will melt away. We'll be out and about again, running errands, making plans, going to school and work, sitting in rush-hour traffic. We will probably wish for a few hours of just being able to sit in the house with nothing to do but enjoy your family members, stare out the window, bake and eat and bake and eat some more.

But for now...where did my front walk disappear to?

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