Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

Sofia's preschool does a pretty wonderful thing for the Christmas holiday and I'm so proud that Sofia is a part of it. The teachers sent out a letter to all students suggesting that rather than giving them gifts at Christmas, we could participate in Operation Christmas Child. They provide us with the shoe box and we fill with goodies for a child in need.

Well, we had so much fun getting together a little girl's Christmas gift of school supplies, candy and even a little doll. It is really touching that Sofia's school is so supportive of projects like this one that really try to make a difference all year long but especially at Christmastime. Her teachers are always speaking of ways to make others feel good and how to do good in our world. It makes me so happy that not only is she learning the typical day-to-day preschool routine, but she is also learning valuable life lessons from her teachers.

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