Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar high

The girls had a great Halloween. Sofia had been saying for some time that she wanted to be a "princess ballerina" and so her wish, was our command. We dressed Olivia all in pink and put a tutu on her and she was very happy. Stared at herself in the mirror for a bit too smiling. Such girls!

There was lots of running around the house, waving wands and giggling. It was pretty adorable.

Sofia went trick-or-treating with Anthony happy to be holding her pumpkin basket in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Olivia stayed home with me to hand out candy to the 20 or so little kids we got, running up to the door to say hi each time the doorbell rang. She did some light reading in between trick-or-treaters.

This might be the first year that I had just about the right amount of candy with just the right amount leftover so I'm won't be eating Crunch Bars and Kit Kat Bars until New Years. Which means that I'll just have to go out and buy some fresh candy to eat once this stuff runs out. And then I wonder sometimes where Sofia gets her sweet tooth from!

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