Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa Cesarea Terme

On our drive home from Santa Maria di Leuca we stopped in the small coastal town of Santa Cesarea Terme. Just a little further north than Leuca but still along the same beautiful coast of the Adriatic Sea. It was afternoon and the streets were very quiet with just the occasional tourist returning from the beach or out enjoying the stillness of the town.

The afternoon is one of my favorite times to be out and about in Italy because in most towns there's nothing going on. The majority of shops are closed during these hours, kids aren't out playing and traffic is close to non-existent. It's perfect. Especially perfect for me since I learned to drive stick shift on this last trip to Italy and the afternoon was the ONLY time I was willing to be on the road. A lot easier to drive when there aren't any other cars to get in my way.

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