Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it's good to be outdoors

We had some gorgeous days last week in Maryland and the girls couldn't get outside fast enough. They rode their trikes, threw balls, played hide-and-go-seek and even just sat back to enjoy the warmth. AND the fact that they could be outdoors without a coat on!

Olivia LOVES hide-and-go-seek and doesn't even mind when her big sister and the other kids in the court make her count every time. She's even pretty good at not peeking.

Fascinated with the moss growing around my parent's driveway. She would press on it with her fingers, look at me and say "Squishy mama!"

Even though it's officially Spring, the weather isn't really cooperating. But it can't be too far off and once the weather stays nice, it will be difficult to bring the girls indoors again.

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