Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One more week of being 3!

Sofia Vincenza, my almost 4-year-old! My beautiful little girl is growing up so quickly. More often than not, she's this super independent girl, wanting to do everything by herself even if it means more than 5 tries to get it right. She will huff and puff, but once she's gotten it, she is the happiest and proudest little one. But then there are these other times where she curls up on our lap for a book, tuck herself under our covers to cuddle or ask for help in the sweetest little voice. It's this perfect combination that makes everyday so new and wonderful. And makes me so proud and thankful to be her mama.


  1. Beautiful! And just a warning... 3 was much more emotional for me than 2 and 4 :)
    BTW, how do you do those callages??!?!

  2. BELLISSIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you!! She is pretty darn cute.

    Megan - I do the collages in Picasa. Do you use P? It's super simple and FREE! I use that more than Photoshop which is awesome, but I have to teach myself the tools and I get lazy with it.


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