Monday, November 11, 2013

God Bless Mason Robert!

We celebrated Mason's baptism this past weekend and we had so much fun being with everyone. Such a special day for a very special little boy. And it was extra special for Anthony and I too as we are very honored to be his god-parents.

My dad, like with the rest of his grandkids, performed the baptism and it was very sweet. He does a couple of really cute things during his baptism like a separate father's and mother's blessing as well as a blessing over the water with the kids in attendance at mass involved. I've always loved that part and it's great to see that as he gets more grandkids, there are more kids to "help" him bless the water.

Parents and godparents!

Mason with his great-grandparents.

The Hoffman Family

The Pitocco family

Mason and Nonno Nicky

Famiglia Palumbi with Mason. He is always smiling!

Love this picture so much!

At the house afterwards to eat and eat and eat.

Mason and his cake!

Tired little cuginis watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving after everyone had left

She's so tired from such a fun-filled day she sat down to watch college football

Fun in Zio Scott's moon bounce!

Love me some Mason time!


  1. Lisa, you have a beautiful family! Soon you'll be holding your new baby…ahhhh


  2. Thank you Coleen! I can't wait!!!!


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