Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Porto Cesareo

I love visiting the coast town of Porto Cesareo when we're in Puglia. It's so beautiful day or night but we definitely try to make an evening out of it just walking near the boats, strolling the shops and indulging in some special treat.

Girls love it too and love being near the water and seeing all the boats.

Love this picture of Zio Antonio and the girls.

When you think they can't possibly get any cuter...my little girlfriends.

Taking a walk with Nonna Lisa.

Yay! Mommy makes it into a picture! Proof that I was in Italy this past summer. We get a picture of the three of us in Porto Cesareo every year and I love the tradition.

Our special treat this year was a delicious and warm nutella crepe which Olivia LOVED! I wonder whom she gets her sweet tooth for crepes from???

Beautiful evening in Porto Cesareo yet again. Blessed to visit this town as often as we do.

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