Monday, November 4, 2013

Morning visit to Grottaglie

We went on a morning outing to the city of Grottaglie not too far from Mesagne. It is home to some pretty amazing pottery and I love visiting this town each year to grab a new piece to add to my collection.

After a little walk, we stopped for some refreshments and then continued on our walk through the old city.

My mom, the girls and I outside the church.

Inside an antiques store in the old city.

A random adorable alley and some not-so--random adorable girls.

Love them so much! And love that they love checking out the old sections of the cities as much as their momma.

I'm going to dedicate a post to pictures that Sofia took, she had a great time snapping up anything and everything. Just like her momma. Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Zio Antonio and a door he would never fit through without hitting his head.

Taking a picture of a little girl taking a picture. There was some pretty funny and interesting graffiti all over the old city. Sometimes this is a shame how people paint over the old walls, but then when it's something interesting like the ones we saw that day, it kind of adds a little charm to it as well. Not sure how the residents feel about it though.

Obviously, the tourists love it.

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