Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

We had a great weekend in Maryland with my family celebrating three very special occasions...Olivia and Chaela's birthdays and Mother's Day. We have celebrated these together for so long now that I just love the tradition it turned into for our family. Olivia loves to celebrate her birthday alongside her Zia Chaela and the moms love an excuse to not have to cook and BBQ and order food for Mother's Day.

My sweet sweet girl. I love that picture above so much. She was so happy to pick out the ice cream cake for her and Chaela and even happier at how tasty it was!

After lunch and cake we were outside for a bit taking pictures and marveling at how much fun the kids were having with caterpillars. Sofia really took to this one. He is now living on our porch. For how long I have no idea but she check on him before and after school yesterday.

You give a kid a camera...

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom! We love her so much and thank God everyday for someone so amazing to call our mom. She loves our kids so much, is always there to talk to and is a really good cook. But seriously, blessed to have her in our lives.

Apparently, it was comedy hour at the Pitocco home.

These kids are incredible. And play incredibly well together. can't wait for baby #6 to arrive in November.

It's all about the moms.

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