Thursday, August 6, 2015

2nd trips to Italy are fun!

Mario really enjoyed his second trip to Italy. I mean what's not to love when you're 18 months and love to explore. Being in different surroundings and taking in all the sights and sounds is only more encouragement to little curious explorers like my little man.

I knew a picture that I couldn't wait to take of him. Same picture we have of his big sisters walking in the piazza in San Cosimo on their second trips over.  Sofia and Olivia wore the same outfits to San Cosimo on their second trips to Italy and I loved it! The girls thought we should put Mario in it too but thankfully I have it packed away for sentimental reasons.

Sofia's second trip to Italy at 16 months and second visit to San Cosimo:

Olivia's second trip to Italy at 14 months and walking the same steps as her big sister:

Three kids later. One not as excited at holding hands for this picture though.

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