Thursday, August 27, 2015

drying clothes au naturel

when in italy, we don't use a dryer. we don't use one because we don't have one to use. the good ol' lines on the roof or in the patio do the job for us. or rather the sun does the job for us. and thank goodness there is a lot of sun in southern italy in the summer.

it's a chore i remember very well as a child and one that i'm glad my girls are getting accustomed to when in italy. they help getting the clothespin in order and collecting the clothes in the basket to then later fold. and they have to put their own clothes away too.

ahh, chores for 6 and 8 year olds. got to love them getting older, gaining more responsibility around the house and the whining that come along with it. "do i have to?"

i actually love it because i remember hearing a lot of it...from my brothers growing up. 


  1. Hi Lisa! I'm guessing by this post, that you don't hang out your clothes here….I love to hang clothes, I do it all year round. The only items I don't hang are cotton undies and socks, they go in the dryer. LOL


  2. Hi Coleen! I hang clothes inside the house here, not as much fun as carting them to the rooftop terrace as in Italy. I've thought about putting a line in the backyard but haven't yet.


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