Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a different kind of fun in italy

sure it looks like all gelato and beach time while we're in italy, but the girls do get some sort of schedule for reading and writing. we always bring a couple activity books for each girl plus an assortment of books. they get to pick out a few of their favorites from home to bring and i always buy a few new ones to surprise them with sporadically throughout our trip.

this year i also though it would be fun to set up a journal for each of the girls and have them write in it each day and tell about something fun or interesting we did that day. it turned out awesome! in the beginning they were very excited to be writing in them and knowing they could read them back to one another in the future. some days it was difficult getting them to sit down to do it and rather than force it, i would ask them to put it away and most of the time they would just sit and write in them knowing that if they didn't do it now, they'd have to do it later. some days the page is filled completely while other days there are only a couple of sentences. whatever it was, i'm so happy we did it and this will be something that we will hold onto forever.

and as far as completing the activity books, i just set up a station in the house with their books and pencil cases and whenever they felt like grabbing and doing some work they did. if i started to notice that a day or two would go by that they didn't grab one, i asked them to spend 15 minutes with an activity book. most of the time they were pretty good about just grabbing one, a pencil and finding a quiet spot.

i love olivia's quiet spot outside...

little man would get in on the reading action too. that face. he looks so innocent!

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