Monday, August 17, 2015

A trip to the farm...Maple Acres Farm

I love exploring new places around our home with the kids. They're great in the car and excited to see new things. I'd been looking into a new pick-your-own farm to visit since we've been back from Italy and I believe we found another great one to add to our list. There's something about being in Italy, eating clean and seeing all the wholesome fresh produce around you that makes you want to return home and continue with the wholesome goodness. So that's what we did.

Maple Acres Farm and Market and just beautiful and the best thing too - not far from our house at all. As you approach the farm you notice the colorful zinnia fields and the barn in the distance. Not bad for first impressions. There's a sweet market with a great array of fresh produce at reasonable prices.

We'll definitely be back for more produce and definitely add it to our pumpkin patches to visit in the Fall.

The flowers the girls and I picked out. Mario picked out cucumbers (not pictured). 

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