Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More from Roma...

The kids were amazing in Rome. Really made me so proud and ready to be doing more traveling with them. Yes, I realize we have traveled to Italy every single summer of their lives so far, but more traveling both within Italy and Europe. This Rome trip really was a lot of walking in the heat, standing in some long lines and dealing with a lot of tourists. They handled it all pretty well considering.

Of course the promise of gelato always helps too!

Near our apartment in Rome...

I love images like this one. The graffiti is a little bit too much but that's city life and unfortunately a reality. There is a lot of graffiti out there that is actually quite cool to look at too though. Check this post our from our trip to Grottaglie in 2013 for some cool graffiti.

The Pantheon. Such a beautiful structure and impressive both from the inside and outside. We arrived just after closing so we weren't able to get in but another reason to come back so the kids can see it too.

I love Rome!

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