Saturday, September 10, 2016

Grottaglie, La Citta della Ceramica

The kids and I visited Grottaglie, a town about 20 minutes from Mesagne that specializes in local, handmade ceramics. We've been plenty of times before and happily purchased items that now adorn our walls and kitchen shelves at home here. This time it was just the kids and I that went and leisurely strolled the centro storico stopping for some foccacia and cool drinks on that hot summer day. We took in all the wall art, stopped into a few artisan shops and of course, took pictures. Always pictures.

This modern wall art adorned a bar in the centro storico. Original, thrifty and a stunning site as you rounded the corner.

We loved this natural canopy of grape vines and it made all four of us smile and go "ahhh!" A perfect respite from the blaring sun but also allowing the perfect amount of light to filter through to make for little rays to caress our faces.

The picture doesn't do it justice as it was quite impressive to come'll just have to go for yourself.

The church and museum at the top of centro storico. I love the rich blue of the ceramic in the background. And the little pigeon poised at the top.

And the graffiti. For some reason that I do not know but would be interested in finding out, there is a lot of graffiti in Grottaglie. Some I have photographed in the past so I know it's been there for a few years at the very least and others are new to me. Some artwork is very simple from the red heart to the very involved art of the leaning woman. I love the black and white profile the best, I don't know the symbolism, maybe a political figure or just a random set of eyes starting into the distance. I'd like to think it's random but who knows. The cartoon figures were the kids' favorite and that little bird makes me think of The Hunger Games. Random should have been my middle name. 

Resting on the cool stones on the hot summer morning...cats all over Italy favor this position.

My little day trippers. I love that Sofia came prepared with binoculars.

Door knockers are awesome. Especially in Italy. As a Leo, the red door adorned with a lioness knocker would be my preferred choice.

She's always in pose and comes so natural to her too. Hmm, maybe it's my fault I always have my camera with me and snapping pictures of them. Yes, she brought a notepad and pencil on her own to document the morning out. Those dimples kill me. No idea where they came from but I dig them. A lot.

I just want a mailbox as awesome as the ones in Italy.

Paint chipping away around this red door but I think it's perfect. If it were fresh and pristine, it wouldn't fit the little via in Grottaglie.

And as far as the alleys go, this one is incredible. The balconies, the lamps, the plants. Love it all.

For a variety of reasons I've always liked this wall. Well, set of walls actually. Not super clean, crumbling in parts, missing complete sections in other areas and nature growing through the cracks. I don't know if it's habitable, any part of it, but I think it's just lovely.

Pretty wall art along the vias...

This beautiful canopy again on our walk back through staring straight up and through to the sun. I was really smitten with it.

And little photog Sofia took some pictures too while strolling Grottaglie and I absolutely love them! Makes me so proud she enjoys photography and I love to see what she thinks is a pretty picture. Start them young!

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