Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween has come and gone...

but we had a great time last night at home handing out candy (and eating some of it ourselves too). Anthony and I played scrabble while watching Sofia run back and forth from the door in her little tiger costume, her little tail bouncing all over the place. I can't believe her second Halloween is over, but it was awesome and I think she had a great time!

Too cute to growl

Our little tigress on her 2nd Halloween!

Patiently waiting for the trick-or-treaters to show up

A few nights before carving pumpkins - Anthony's favorite pastime every Halloween and he has become quite the master at it now.


  1. She's so cute! And I love the pumpkin carving collage!

    Drew loves the photos too and says she wants to see Sofia :)

  2. Sorry I missed you guys last night - Sofia will have to model the costume for us another time!

  3. That is a really cute picture of her looking out the door. I cant wait to see you on Friday Sofia. Have a great week and be good for mommy and daddy!!!

    Z. Antonio


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