Monday, November 24, 2008

Organizing your wires - the results!

This is a guest post from Anthony.

Last week, I posted about how I wanted to organize the wires under our desk. Well, I got a chance to do it over the weekend and I am really happy with the results.
I was able to move a couple of things around and get a better use of the space in our office as well. The whole process took a little longer than I would have liked, about 5 hours, but some of the time was wasted since I had to change ideas about an hour in.

Here are the results:

The router and modems (phone and cable) now attached to the desk

Look ma, no wires!

To accomplish this, I basically created a guide rail for the cables along the back of the desk. I was then able to group the wires using cable ties and lay them in the guide rail. It was also pretty easy to add a new cable (since I forgot about our printer until I was finished). I just laid the cables into the guide rail, plugged them in and it was done.

Next stop, the garage...

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  1. Nice job, Anthony! Eli would have that spool of cds/dvds strewn everywhere in about 30 seconds :)


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