Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tu Tu Cute

Olivia's 1st birthday is just weeks away. Invitations are sent and now it's on to the bigger details of the day. I've got to start thinking about what kind of food to serve, the smash cake I'm going to bake for Olivia and the cake I will order for the guests. But, most importantly, I'm thinking about what the birthday girl will wear on the day we gather together to celebrate a fantastic 1st year.

It's a princess theme and what princess doesn't like tulle? Lots of frilly tulle. I went to buy Olivia a tu-tu skirt and was amazed at the $30 price tag. I thought, this can't be too difficult, I will make my own. Off to the fabric store I went this morning and bought me some tulle. And a pink headband. The headband's not to keep the hair out of my eyes so I can see what I'm doing, it's for her waistband. Cute, right? Lo and behold, I find a deal in the dollar bins - 2 bright pink headbands for $1!

Come home to start cutting the tulle into strips and begin the long process of tying the tulle around the headband.

Around and around I go with strands of tulle. First I use white and then a pretty princess pink I just loved.

Making sure it fits - oh wait, that's not where it belongs!

My finished product! I had to stop tying every once in awhile to tend to Olivia - changed a diaper, a little nursing and then put her down for her afternoon nap. Later, Sofia "helped" me arrange the strips of tulle so I could get the lengths about the same size. I probably will just hang it in the bathroom the day of her party and get some steam going to straighten it out a bit. But all in all I think it turned out pretty well.

I did try it on Olivia and believe me when I tell you it was beyond adorable. You're going to have to wait and see the pictures from her birthday to see my little princess all dressed up!

Tulle - $7
Headband - 2 for $1
Total: $8 for my little girl's tu-tu

Now it's off to make the onesie...plain white (that we already own) with an adorable princess iron-on applique that I also found this morning for $2!

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