Wednesday, October 15, 2014

De-Cluttering School papers and projects

With a 7 and 5 year old that like to hold onto just about every piece of paper that comes in the door from school, it's suffice to say we've accumulated a lot. They each had an under-the-bed box to collect their papers and just about anything that came in the house from school, went into their boxes. Just having begun 2nd grade and Kindergarten, those bins are way past capacity. The girls' suggestion was to get more bins, but mommy had another thing in mind.

We spent a couple hours on a Saturday morning in their room as a family and emptied the bins, took pictures of favorite crafts and projects, held voting for ones they wanted to keep and tossed out a whole lot. Having the girls do it with us was a huge help and it was nice to get their input rather than have me do it all on my own.

We let them have fun, make their mess, search through and rediscover old projects. We oohed and ahhed how far they've come in drawing and penmanship and at the end of it all, there were no tears that things were getting thrown away, both girls enjoyed looking through it all and deciding on their favorites and mommy was happy to not have to buy more bins for the school projects and crafts to come. 

See that little hand? Mario had so much fun crawling around the room with the papers flying everywhere!

The girls actually took turns throwing out their old papers and projects.

We got hundreds of papers and crafts down to one under the bed box! Woohoo!

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