Monday, October 27, 2014

Painting Pumpkins!

A couple Saturdays ago, the kids and I headed out to buy our pumpkins. We were given our first set by my in-laws but made the mistake of leaving them outdoors and within minutes, the squirrels devoured them. The squirrels in our neighborhood are ruthless and so not afraid of anything. Especially loud moms throwing things at them. They just sit there on their hind legs and SMILE at me. Did I mention they were obnoxious?

Ok, enough about the squirrels.

So out we went, all three piled in the car to get our pumpkins. Produce Junction for $2 a pumpkin? Don't mind if I do. Thankyouverymuch.

Home to use some leftover paint from our mudroom beadboard project and the girls grabbed some foam brushes and away we went out back to paint some pumpkins white!

I love the orange pumpkin look myself but we were going to try something new this year and paint them all white, allow paint to dry and then paint a letter on each pumpkin. Now, this is hard. Can you guess what we'll spell out on the pumpkins? 3 letters and has to do with Halloween? Guesses? Bueller... Bueller... Anyone?

That's right! BOO! Cute, right. I saw a picture on Pinterest. Which that phrase "I saw a picture on Pinterest" is how I begin most conversations these days. Not annoying at all.

Someone had A LOT of fun painting. The pumpkin AND her hands.

Really not as messy as I thought it was going to be. Thankfully we were outside and I let them just have fun with it.

White pumpkins. Not going to lie. Kind of just like them being white. But we are going to still do our original plan of painting BOO on them, but the day before Halloween so we can put them outside. AND hopefully keep our obnoxious squirrels away from them!

Stay tuned for our finished project!

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  1. Lisa, you know you can buy white pumpkins…LOL be sure to take pictures when they are finished….



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