Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We threw a surprise 60th birthday party for our parents this past weekend and it was so much fun! I think they were actually surprised which always helps with planning a surprise party. Stress on the planners but fun for the guests of honor.

Many family and friends gathered with us to celebrate, the weather was perfect and more than enough food and drinks to go around. All the musts for a great party!

Someone sneaking some candy from the candy dish...

Dad and Ms. Anne

The dessert table! Every good party needs a nice choice of desserts to choose from! Yes those are kit kats and york peppermint patties in the candy dishes, a couple of my parent's favorite candies.

A close up of the cookies my good friend Erin made. Too beautiful to be eaten, but they were enjoyed by all!

Buon Compleanno to Nonna Lisa and Nonno Nicky!

A couple of the kids got into Zio Antonio's cake too!

My volleyball coach from high school hanging with my little man. Yes, that is Nonna's focaccia in Mario's hand. My parents though they were coming to Scott and Chaela's house-warming party so she offered to bring something. Can't say no to her focaccia!

Nonni and the kids.

Mario learning a life lesson from big sister Olivia. He's mastered climbing the steps. Bring on more grey hair for me!

Picture slideshow for the guests' viewing pleasure...

Last photo of the night...partied-out, silly faces!

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