Thursday, October 2, 2014

"speaking Italian"

It doesn't take long for the girls to get used to hearing Italian spoken around the clock when we're in Italy. Maybe a day if that. I remember Sofia asking at some point in her early years traveling to Italy why no one spoke English. With most family and friends that don't speak any English there, it's nice that hearing another language 24/7 doesn't bother them. They enjoy it even though they're still working on their Italian language skills.

What they do love though is how the Italians in our lives speak with their body. It only takes a little bit of watching this too to completely absorb that Italians are very artistic with their language, body language that is. One day we were talking about it over lunch and I had to take some pictures of what they think Italians look like when they're speaking.
Nonna Lisa got in on the pictures too.

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