Sunday, November 23, 2014

My turn for a haircut...

For anyone that's gone through the ups and downs of hair growth/loss during and after pregnancy, you'll understand where I'm coming from with this post.

Below is an outtake from our Christmas card photo shoot last year with my brother. Long, long hair, super thick (sort of curly/wavy thing going on) and believe it or not it was much longer than that when I finally chopped off 8 inches this past Spring. That's basically been my hair for my whole life. I've always loved my long hair but...I've gone through moments where I needed to just chop it off. This year has been one of those moments.

Now this is a rare photo of my hair down from this past summer in Italy. I straightened it and it's just past my shoulders. Easy to pull back, love the way it looks both natural and straightened, win-win-win.

Below is a before and after just this past week with my hair. It had grown some from the big Spring cut and was basically just one layer and blunt. I needed an update. The after is a little shorter with some extra layers put in as well. A little different from the cut this past Spring and so far, so good. I love it straight from the salon, we'll have to see how much I love it when I attempt doing it on my own.

So far, I'm loving the length pulled back in a pony. That was one of the issues I was having with having it too long and always having to pull it back (which is my choice look these days - or rather the last 7 years!). Long, thick hair that is pulled back all the time was causing me to have headaches from the weight of it all. Chopping it off allows me to be able to pull it back without dealing with the heaviness of my hair and I don't have to worry about little fingers trying to pull at it.

And yes, I'm totally showing off my Zara scarf in this picture before that I have been adoring from afar for a couple years now. It's all mine now!!! I love it and all the fun ways you can wear it. Check them out here on Pinterest.

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