Sunday, November 16, 2014

bath chats

Last week one night after Olivia had her bath and I was chasing Mario around while Sofia took her bath, I walked by the bathroom door to find this...Olivia sitting on the rug near the bathtub chatting it up with Sofia. I went into the other room for a minute just to sort of eaves drop on the girls. They had just spent the previous few hours together so I couldn't imagine what new things they could be talking about but there it was...them talking about their day with one another, playing I Spy and just giggling together. It really made me smile. And maybe even tear up a bit too.

I pretended to go into the bathroom for something trying to hide my camera from them to snap this shot too. It was a quick shot because little brother crawled in right away and tried to get in on the sibling bonding time and nearly jumped in the tub. SO away went the camera, but so grateful I got to get this image.

Sisterly-love. Even when they argue, disagree or don't want to play with one another, I know that they will always be there for one another and what a comfort that is to me. Love my girls!

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