Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another painting craft? Don't mind if we do.

I love Olivia's half days at Kindergarten. And I love that she still loves them too. Every once in awhile she'll ask to stay because something special is going on at school, but I love that she thinks coming home on those two half days are special too.

Sometimes we don't do much but play a memory card card, Trouble is a favorite game of hers and we'll play that too or even just watch a movie when Mario goes down for his nap. Sometimes we get crafty though. And thankfully it's always fun getting crafty with someone else who loves getting crafty too. Which Olivia does very much.

Our latest and greatest...found on Pinterest over a year ago and this is the first time we've completed it. Super super super easy. Do I need to place more emphasis on easy?

All you need:
- paint brush
- paints
- something to paint on

What you do:
- dab dots of paint throughout your canvas
- start blending

Easy and so fun! And was helpful with seeing what two colors (or more) made when combined.

My serious little Piacasso

And Voila! Finito! Bellissimo! And now displayed in our basement with pride!

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