Monday, March 9, 2015

The white stuff

During and after picture of our planter in the backyard. I think we received about 10 inches of snow which made for very happy girls. I didn't mind the snow days home from school but I'm ready for Spring now. The Winter has come and very nearly overstayed its welcome. I'm ready for less bundling up when we go outside and playtime outdoors after school.

They didn't complain too much though. Especially Sofia who would play outside non-stop if you let her. Little sister knows her limits with the cold at this age and even after an hour outside, was ready to come in for warmth. And hot chocolate too. Naturally. What's playing outside if you don't have hot chocolate when you come in?

Then it was onto some fort fun that the girls put up and loved seeing baby brother crawl through.

My little man.

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