Friday, August 11, 2017

A break from Italy posts...Maple Acres Farms

We have been having very un-August-like weather and I'm not complaining. Usually it's hot, sticky, muggy and chance of showers daily. But, it's been rather nice and to celebrate that we've been outdoors when we can. I took the kids to one of my favorite outdoor spots, Maple Acres Farm. I think I'm a wannabe farm girl or I just really really really appreciate the way of life. Either way, I'm so happy places like this exist.

My kids are pretty happy they get to go too.

This small farm located outside Philadelphia, is known for many things. They have weekly yoga on the grounds, delicious produce year-round and the most perfect pumpkin picking in the Fall. But what I love the most, their zinnias. In full bloom now, the fields are so beautiful to behold upon entering the property. Fun to pick and fun to photograph. My mini-me #1 had fun taking pictures with me when we went.

This guy. He loves being outside and a place like this is perfect for a 3 year old very active little man.

Pick your own or buy from the small farmer's market located right on site too.

He's a cucumber kid.

Oh! And there are animals too! Who doesn't love to see chickens, cows, horses and of course pigs on a farm. What would a farm be without animals?

So happy that while I don't have a garden nor much of a green thumb, we have places nearby to go to and appreciate this way of life. Important for the kids to see where some of our foods come from, give back to the local farms and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Win-win-win.

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