Thursday, August 10, 2017

Santa Maria al Bagno

The kids and I created a bucket list for the month we were going to be on our own in Mesagne. We've never done this before on past trips and sort of just done whatever. And by "done whatever" I do mean that I pull out an old-fashioned map and googlemaps on my phone to figure out where and how long to get to area morning trips. I thoroughly enjoy it. But this year I thought it would be fun since we were alone to allow the kids (the girls mainly) to put some items on our Mesagne Bucket List.

One item was to visit a new to us beach. Typically we go to the beaches on the Adriatic Sea as they are closer, about a 10 minute drive. Very beautiful, a familiar beach with bar and bathrooms and secure parking. But last Fall I came across some old pictures my mom had and in the mix was a black and white of my Nonna and Nonno sitting on a rock at a beach. On the back of the photo was written the date (1964) and place - Santa Maria al Bagno located on the Ionian Sea.

Obviously, I chose this beach to add to our bucket list and told the kids the story of why it was important for me to visit and to take them there. And one gorgeous June morning, off we went.

It was perfect. A girlfriend of mine joined us for the day trip and about an hour later we were pulling up to this adorable beach town. We parked, found a paid beach to plant ourselves and enjoyed the sun and sand. Except this beach had no sand. It was all rocks. It was amazing. No sand to have to worry to clean out of the beach toys or sticking to your sunscreened body. We did have to remember to wear our shoes though as walking on the rocks was tough, hot and near the water, very slippery.

Yes, this photo has not been adjusted. That was the color of the water. Clean, the perfect shade of perfection glistening in the summer sun lapping against the rocks. It was magical.

The kids loved it and loved being able to check off an item on our bucket list!

The photo of my Nonna and Nonno in 1964. I love it and so happy that we went to visit this town. New to us but knowing my grandparents had visited years ago just gave me goosebumps.

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