Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My favorite little man

This guy. My little man. There is not enough space here to write about how the ways I love this boy. But a top reason that I just can't get enough of him is that this year in Italy he really traveled well. The delay in the airport upon departing the country, the nearly 8 hour flight, going through customs, getting our baggage and then the 2 hour wait to catch the 2 hour bus ride to our first stop in Italy. He was amazing. Sure, he was tired and wanted to run and play and be his active little self. Very active little self. But he must have just known that I was on my own and that he needed to listen. He ate, he watched a movie and then slept for 5 straight hours. That alone was enough to be singing his praises right now. 

But we were busy in Italy, I kept them on the go and all in all, he was fantastic. We traveled within Puglia a ton that month on my own and he sat in the stroller when needed, held my hand when I insisted and took cat naps in the car when needed. Kept with the flow, slept like a champ and enjoyed every last Italian morsel of wholesome goodness I set in front of him. While I had to remind myself pretty regularly, he's three. He's active. He's curious. It's natural for him not to listen immediately so thankfully he likes the sound of my voice repeating for the 3rd time something I needed him to do. All in all he kept me on my toes, but I also appreciated that occasional evening cup of camomilla or glass of Prosecco.

Yes, I realize he's behind the bars of the entrance gate in this photo but he was out there with his Nonna so he wasn't on his own. 

Love this kid so much. 

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