Friday, August 20, 2010

Benvenuti a Garrano

We began our trip this year in Garrano, the small town in Abruzzo where both of Anthony's parents were born and raised. Garrano is a quiet little place nestled in the side of a small mountain. Farms dot the hillsides and the sounds of farm life are everywhere around you...tractors plowing, chickens clucking and goats bleating. Sofia's favorite sound was the rooster across the street each morning waking us all.

And something you may or may not be aware of...Italian roosters don't go cock-a-doodle-do. They say chicchirichi (key-key-reekey). Just a little bit of useless trivia to start off your weekend.

This was a first for both girls to be in Italy with Nonno Mario and you know they loved having him around.

Our tiny princess with Nonno Mario

View from the hill in front of the family's house - it's the yellow house near the road in the bottom right portion of the picture.

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