Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the fresh air agreed with her

We spent a lot of time outdoors while in Abruzzo soaking up that crisp, farm air. Even if we were just out on the front patio letting the girls run around to their heart's content or on the back balcony watching the cars go by, Sofia and Olivia got a ton of fresh air. Which is probably why they, Olivia in particular, slept well while in Abruzzo.

That being said, the first couple nights the 4 of us slept in the same room and while they were both tired from the flight, time change, fresh air, etc. we did wake up two mornings at 2am to both Sofia and Olivia having a conversation. They went to bed sleepy but then woke up to seeing the other near them and were too excited to go back to sleep. I did not take a picture of that though. And we were sure to remedy the sleeping situation after the second time that happened. Olivia got the boot from the room seeing how she was in a movable bed.

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