Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why hello there, my stove

So, after two weeks to the day of not having a stove in use, I can now say that we're back in business. And by business I mean still searching in the living and dining room for items from my kitchen and pantry and eating in our red room (our 1st floor family room that is appropriately named for the one red wall in the room). Our first night with it back in place and we decided to BBQ. Oh well, I still have to finishing cleaning it tomorrow AND THEN, we're back in business.

Olivia was all over the place tonight while Anthony and I did a couple of things in the kitchen so I decided to lock her up. In the comfy Ergo, that is. I didn't even hear one complaint from her and you can tell by the picture that she is quite comfy.

And we're moving right along with the kitchen remodel. Uncle Italo finished up the back splash this afternoon and it's gorgeous! It's a perfect match to the cabinets and counters. So, now we just need to finish up the woodwork, add the molding to the cabinets, finish the electric work and paint.

Oh, and clean up and put everything away. Maybe another 2-3 weeks and I would think we would be completely finished.

Now I need to go pick out colors for the paint...


  1. Thanks Emily! Lots of work (dust) but it will be great in the end.


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