Friday, August 27, 2010

mare, mare

We were able to spend 2 evenings at the beach in Abruzzo, Alba Adriatica, and it was a lot of fun. Going to the beach with little ones is nowhere near the same as when it was just Anthony and I, but some great memories were made even if there wasn't a lot of sunbathing and relaxation. Our girls made it interesting for us too with Olivia wanting to be in the water practically the entire time and Sofia content with playing in the sand.

Olivia walking on sand for the first time with Daddy

My handsome husband, happy to be with his girls at the place he spent many happy summers.

The girls made some friends the short time we were on the beach and happy to share their beach toys. It was hysterical to see my little Olivia crawling/walking over to kids and just including herself in the mix like she had been there all along.

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