Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day with the Pitocco's

After opening presents from Santa at our home in the morning followed by a breakfast of champions - m&ms and chocolate milk, we got in the car headed for Maryland for the next couple days. It was SO nice!

Arrived to open presents with my family, a delicious 2 hour lunch with everyone including great friends of the family and cousins and aunt. Girls happily put on Christmas dresses, played with their new toys and ate way too much sugar.

Olivia and Chase both missed their naps that day but both were rock stars. Sofia is always ready for the funny face picture, Chase is totally on top of it smiling for the camera and Olivia is completely zoned out.

Zio Toe-Toe. Yes, Toe-Toe is what Chase is calling Zio Antonio. And I'm totally encouraging it too!

How can you not love them? Baby numero 2 will be here before we know it!!! Can't wait to meet the new little man.

Chase is going to be an awesome big brother. Scott will make sure of that seeing how he is a pretty awesome brother himself.

Most family and friends have left, the house is quiet and the dishes are getting done. Girls sit down with friends to put on the finishing touches to the gingerbread house cousins brought for them to do. They loved it!

The next couple days were filled with sitting around the fireplace, taking the girls to see the Lights on the Bay, playing with new toys, visiting good friends, eating and more eating. It was perfect. Oh and Anthony and I made it to 2 movies! That is pretty much a record for us lately considering we get to the movies every couple of months, but 2 in one week!? That's unheard of! But we loved it.

Time for one more Christmas picture before we pack the tree up, store the Christmas pjs and bask in the memories of another great holiday come and gone.

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