Thursday, December 6, 2012

From Pinterest to Real Life - DIY Yarn Wreath

Love these wreaths that I've seen all over Pinterest this Fall. I made a ribbon wreath last Christmas in my crafting group which I never posted so I'm making a point to get this one on here.

I didn't take step-by-step pictures, which I'm sure would have been a big help to anyone interested in making their own, but it is fairly simple.

What you'll need:

- foam wreath
- yarn
- felt
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- buttons

What to do:

1. Using your hot glue gun, make about a 1 inch line on what you want to be the back of your wreath just to keep the string in place. Start wrapping the wreath with your yarn. I made a point NOT to unravel too much at one time because it does get pretty tedious to keep looping it through the hole. So keep the ball of yarn together as you wrap around. And around. And around...
2.  Try to push the strings together so that you don't have space in between. I got a little lazy with this part and it's definitely more annoying to go back to fix it afterwards.
3. Once the wreath is covered, cut off the yarn and hot glue down that end of the string.
4. The felt flowers are very easy to do, I've done them before for hairclips I've made for the girls. Start by making a circle on the felt and cut out. Then begin cutting into the circle about 1/2 inch at an angle and cutting along the side until you have gotten a smaller circle in the middle. Does that sound confusing enough? I definitely will take pictures next time.
5. Hot glue the middle circle of what will be your flower and wind the felt all the way around until it resembles a flower. Hot glue the end of the to secure it all in place.
6. I had some buttons around the house and just hot glued one in the middle of each of my flowers. And then hot glue the flowers onto the wreath.


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